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Happiness is a massage.

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I was very lucky the other day to get a 20 min massage at work. I don’t know who organized this or how but heck if I was gonna ask questions! Even though it wasn’t in a conventional setting it still felt great. As I was getting massaged I wonder, as I always do when I have one, why don’t I do it more often? I really have no real excuse not too. We never seem to realize how much of a perpetual state of tension we are in. At least I don’t until I am touched by someone else.

Now I know time and money for a conventional massage can be barriers but that’s not what I was going to suggest you do. it’s all about human touch. We need it, we crave it as humans. Try getting some from a significant other, family member or friend. A hand or foot massage. Even forearms or calves! You might b shocked at how tense those ones are.

I guess the point I am trying to make is touch feels good. Releases nice happy causing brain chemicals and all that. Even a simple hug can boost one’s mood for hours. And who doesn’t have time for a hug?  😉



Author: apesrey2013

I have worked for the government for over ten years and want to embark on a new adventure. The possibilities of Life coaching excite me and my goal is one day to make it my full time business!

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