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Cultivating Integrity

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Came across a blog today I found interesting. I follow Mark Sisson because he is a smart guy! October 2011 I decided to change my eating lifestyle by going what some people call Paleo. Mostly meaning that I gave up gluten and began eating more real foods, as opposed to processed. Mark does a simialr diet called Primal as they eat dairy products as well. I won’t go into the labels as those don’t really matter and are never a strict definition either.

Anyways he posted today about 8 Ways to Cultivate Health Integrity. https://www.marksdailyapple.com/8-ways-to-cultivate-health-integrity/ I thought this could also apply to integrity of following any goal one wants to achieve or maintain. I thought keeping an excuse board was interesting. Tracking all of the ways and excuses we make for cheating or not following our plan.

The other was about accepting our own resistance. We all have times when we just don’t want to, or are too lazy, to keep it up. Intstead of getting gown on ourselves let’s accept that we will not always be perfect. Maybe that will make us less apt to give up when we slip.

Do any of these tips speak to you? Can you see yourself using them in your daily life?


Author: apesrey2013

I have worked for the government for over ten years and want to embark on a new adventure. The possibilities of Life coaching excite me and my goal is one day to make it my full time business!

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