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A ran across as article awhile back by Nerd Fitness blog. It was titled 3 Words You Need to Tell Yourself Daily. Those words boiled down to Just Do It. And you know what? It actually works!! There are times when I feel like I just don’t feel like doing something. Especially chores or small tasks. Saying Just Do It to myself somehow gives me a kick in the butt! Okay, Ill admit it doesn’t work 100% of the time but even 50% is more than nothing! Read the article and try it!



Author: apesrey2013

I have worked for the government for over ten years and want to embark on a new adventure. The possibilities of Life coaching excite me and my goal is one day to make it my full time business!

2 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!!

  1. I have changed my mindset and its amazing how much better you feel once you do take those three little words of advice and JUST DO IT!!!!! You arent going to change your life waiting for things to do themselves. 🙂

    I am super excited for you April you will do amazing at helping others find there way 🙂

    • Very true Pam! I love that article and I was surprised at how well and fast it works once I started trying it! And I have seen you making a difference in people’s lives too! Keep it up!

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