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The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin


It just occured to me that I guess this is a book review. Huh, probably my first one in my adult life. Unless I did one in University, but I can’t remember. I just finished this book last night and am sad it’s over. The irony of being sad after reading a book about happiness is not lost on me. 😉

This book came at a great point in my life. I have been seeing what I call practice clients to hone my life coaching skills. This book was full of tips and strategies to change your life without changing your life, as Gretchin called it. Not all of us can, or want to, do a 180 degree shift for life change and now I can see that we don’t have to. There are all sorts of small things we can do that can make a big impact.

Gretchen made a resolution for each month of the year and broke these resolutions into tasks she could do each day to help her achieve them. Totally manageable! I loved the way her book read as her story, not just as a bunch of dry tips other people should follow. She lived them herself for a year and admitted she was not perfect all the time.

I highly recommend picking up the book and following her blog and Facebook page. If you have already heard of the book and been intending to read it what are you waiting for?




Author: apesrey2013

I have worked for the government for over ten years and want to embark on a new adventure. The possibilities of Life coaching excite me and my goal is one day to make it my full time business!

2 thoughts on “The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin

  1. Your posts about this book have made me SO excited to read this book. It is on the list for our upcoming holiday. Thank you April!

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